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Personal Financial Help in the Chicago area is just a phone call away

When you become a Money Minders client, we’ll help you complete a Financial Health Assessment (FHA), which covers personal financial information on:

Banking history Credit card usage
Debt ratios FICO score
Home and auto loans Investments
Insurance Taxes
Retirement plans Spending habits

This information enables Money Minders to make immediate suggestions and to put our proprietary monitoring process in place. Here’s how it works:

  1. We start you with a fresh set of banks accounts, a checking and a money market, and with an initial supply of checks provided free of charge.
  2. We clear up any mess with existing accounts and close them; then set up a new package of accounts and services with Chase Bank of Chicago.
  3. We arrange for direct deposit on revenue streams, set up auto pay for fixed monthly payments (e.g. mortgage, auto loans), and use bill pay on variable expenses (e.g. utilities, credit cards).
  4. We put our tracking system in place to monitor your cash flow. All financial activity is downloaded from your accounts and properly categorized. You can check your finances online at any time.
  5. We provide reconciled bank statements monthly, along with a detailed summary of all transactions to help you better understand and control your finances. These reports also make doing your taxes much easier.
  6. After a few months, we’ll help you create a customized household budget based on your actual spending habits. At six months, we do a “best practices” overview designed to help you earn our Financial Good Housekeeping rating.

Money Minders representatives are available during normal business hours to answer any questions you may have. In the Chicago area, just call 630.702.9469.

Get the financial help you need today.

No extended service contract is required. You can stop using Money Minders any time, and you get to keep the new accounts, budget reports and other benefits of our service.