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Tired of wrestling with your checkbook?

Money Minders of Chicago offers financial peace of mind through our personal bookkeeping services. Our easy and affordable program can save you time and money for the more important things in life.

Upset by late fees due to missed payments?

For an initial set-up fee and a monthly service charge, Money Minders pays bills, tracks loans, balances checkbooks, reconciles bank statements and provides monthly spending reports. We help clients stay in control of their personal finances and maintain good credit ratings.

Need professional help with your personal finances?

We are not investment advisors or money managers. Think of us as the FAMILY BOOKKEEPER. We handle mundane financial tasks like balancing the checkbook and paying the bills so you don’t have to.

You NEVER LOSE CONTROL of your money. You still decide how your hard-earned dollars are spent; only now you don’t have to mess with making routine payments or reconciling your bank statements.

Your personal information is kept CONFIDENTIAL AND SECURE at all times. Money Minders maintains the highest data security standards in our online protocols and personal service. We treat your business as a sacred trust.

Money Minders personal bookkeeping services are now available in the Chicago area.

Call 630.702.9469 for details.